• 10 Health & Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

    By Chloe Crockford From teeth whitening to using as a replacement cooking oil, coconut oil is the latest beauty graze to hit the UK market. Coconut oil is the perfect essential for all of your daily beauty needs and a health booster. Wave goodbye to cabinets and cupboards full of…

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  • Argan Oil: A miracle beauty product or an environmental danger?

    By Chloe Crockford Argan oil is becoming an increasingly popular beauty product on the market. Argan oil has plenty of benefits including soothing dry skin, making hair softer, can be used as a nutritious cooking oil and also an aid in joint pain. With all these added benefits argan oil…

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  • Dangerous Counterfeit Make-up Products Flooding into the UK

    By Chloe Crockford City of London police have launched a campaign to tackle an estimated 90m industry selling counterfeit make-up, containing dangerous levels of lead, mercury and cyanide. The ‘Wake up don’t fake up’ campaign aims to inform consumers about the dangers and hazards involved with buying the fake goods.…

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