10 Tips for Reducing Stress

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Guest post! 

This week we have a guest post from London-based blogger Rebecca from Pretty & Petit.



calm10 Tips for Reducing Stress

It’s easy for anyone to say, “Don’t be so stressed” or “Why don’t you just relax?” For me, that makes me feel one hundred times worse. Suffering with anxiety, the feeling of stress takes up much of my everyday life. The feeling of constant worry, feeling overwhelmed and being unable to cope are some of the many symptoms associated with stress. I think one of the things I really dislike about being stressed is feeling tense, of every muscle from head to toe feeling so wound up and tight as though the worry has not only got a mental hold over me, but a physical hold too.

Throughout the past few years I have tried many methods and techniques to deal with stress, some have worked and some haven’t. Often you need to try them to see if they are right for you. I’ve included some of my favourite methods which I feel have been particularly beneficial for when you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and will assist to you hopefully finding a way to leading to a happier, healthier life and improve your overall well-being!


1) Meditation – I never thought I would be abmeditatele to meditate. The ability to clear your mind and escape the stresses of everyday life is difficult to master, but can lead to a reduction in stress and improvement in overall health.


2) Deep Breathing – To some extent this is closely associated with meditation. It is particularly beneficial in anxious situations and the ability to step back, count to ten whilst inhaling and exhaling deeply, enables you to look at the situation much more rationally with a calm approach.


3) Take a walk – In the summer, I love nothing more than to get home from work, put on some comfortable clothes and take a walk through Notting Hill. Although it’s still a tourist land, it’s so much more laid back than that of Central London. Even better if you live in the countryside or even by the sea. Some choose to take this time to exercise, perhaps with a nice, calm jog through your local park.


4) Reduce caffeine and sugar intake – I have to admit, I’m pretty rubbish at this one. I have such a sweet tooth and I really don’t think I could go without my daily dose of caffeine on my way to work in the morning! Even by just drinking more water however, it can encourage a feeling of health and well-being and in turn promote a positive attitude.


reading5) Watch a film or read a book – I recently made myself start watching a film on a Sunday evening, either a new release or one of my classic favourites. The difference I found this made to my stress levels was incredible. It made me feel so relaxed and renewed for the week ahead.


6) Spend time with friends and family

7) Have an early night – I have also started to ban screens after 9pm – this includes being on my computer or looking at my phone. Instead, I take the time to catch up on reading magazines, getting books out from the library or spending some time doing some writing. It has encouraged a much better sleep and I’m feeling far more refreshed when I wake up in the morning!



8) Be creative – I love being creative, whether its drawing new fashion designs, or colouring a gorgeous pattern, I relish the time that I get to be creative.

9) Be organised, make a plan! – I have a million to do lists! Whilst some say that it can be counter-productive, I feel it makes me even more efficient. My ultimate, favourite list is my annual goal list – full of objectives I want to complete for that year which I regularly review. (This is best done on a fabulous summer holiday, on a beach far from home!)




10) Maintain a positive attitude – I feel that just by smiling it can take away even the smallest amount of worry from your day. Not only do people respond better when you are not appearing stressed but they are more inclined to be helpful too.


I hope these tips go towards helping reducing your stress but please let us know if you have any other tips for relaxation! I’d love to hear them!


Becky is a blogger for Pretty & Petit, a blog that aims to promote small businesses across the UK. Based in Notting Hill, London, she enjoys all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle and loves to attend events large and small across the UK. You can tweet her @prettyandpetit or follow her on Instagram



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Polly Snell


  1. Great tips! I loved that you included reading a book. It is easy to distract the mind with a good read.

    • Eilidh MacRae

      Glad you liked the post Ref. I agree, a good book can work wonders when it comes to switching off and relaxing.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful blog.

  3. Being creative is a huge way for me to destress, especially through journaling, and reading always relaxes me. Being organized and planning my day also helps because I can prioritize and not get overwhelmed. Thanks for all the great tips!

    Emma | http://www.creativexplorations.com

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