10 Tips for Getting Organised!

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September can be a daunting time for those less organised individuals. The kids go back to school, students go back for the next year of college or university, and work seems like much more of a serious commitment without the constant holiday breaks and weekends away that seem to crop up frequently over the summer months.

Getting organised can be the key to living a more stress-free life, so I’ve put together a list of 10 Tips for Getting Organised this September!

 1. Sort out your calendar or diary on your smartphone!

I know it sounds a bit sad, but without my iPhone calendar I genuinely don’t know how I would keep on top of life. These days, most people keep their phones on them all the time, so by adding in key events right there and then, you’ll be way less likely to forget where you’re supposed to be and when. You can create different coloured tabs for each area of your life, for example: blue for leisure, green for work, purple for gym and red for money reminders!

A photo by Alejandro Escamilla. unsplash.com/photos/Dl6jeyfihLkTry it out to see how you get on with it. This could revolutionise your life, and you might even enjoy using this method so you always have something exciting to look forward to!

 2. Sync your phone calendar with your laptop calendar!

If you want to take it a step further, sync your phone calendar with your laptop or mac. This way, you can sit down at your desk and see a larger view of the calendar to visualise how your month is looking and what you’d like to make more time for. Every time you change it on your phone, your laptop should automatically update. Now that is organisation!

 3. Write everything down 

Don’t just assume you’ll be able to remember everything. Even with the best memory, little things can slip your mind! If you don’t like the idea of working towards an online calendar, use a notebook or diary to write everything down. Lists can help clear your head and make you feel less stressed before you’ve even completed anything on the list.

 4. Allocate different days for different tasks

If you know that every Monday you go to visit your Grandma, or your spin class always falls on a Wednesday evening, you’re much less likely to forget things because you’ll get so used to your weekly routine. Talk to your friends and find out what they often do each day of the week, this can inspire you can help you find out more about what’s going on around you in your area.

5. Work out a routine you like, and stick to it!

If you know you like to shower in the mornings, make sure you get up early enough to build this into part of your routine! You must remember, sometimes it can be a case of trial and error with getting yourself organised. You might need to try a few routines before you find the one you really like. Once you’ve discovered a way to get yourself motivated and organised, try to stick to it for a few weeks.

A photo by Jez Timms. unsplash.com/photos/b8se0pUeaA06. Reward yourself for good organisation skills

There’s no use in spending all this time getting organised if you don’t give yourself the time to enjoy your new found organisation! Book in a cocktail evening with friends, or treat yourself to a night in front of the telly with your phone switched off. Do something for yourself when you feel like you’ve made a step in the right direction.

 7. Ask your friends how they get organised 

As covered in my 4th point, talk to your friends and copy their methods if you think they could work for you! There is no rule anywhere saying you have to find a completely unique way of getting organised that’s different to your friends. Find things that suit your personality, and your friends know you so well, they might also be able to give you some tips for getting yourself together.

 8. Book yourself a day off!

Sometimes things will pop up in life that you simply have no control over. These things will pop up at the least convenient times and if you don’t factor this in, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. This means that often it’s helpful to plan in a few days per month where you deliberately don’t make ANY PLANS. These ‘free’ days can either be spent doing fun things if nothing comes up, or you can use them to take care of all the stuff you couldn’t have planned for otherwise.

 9. Buy some new stationary

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love having all the kit! Sometimes all you need is a good old trip to Paperchase to have yourself feeling organised and ready for anything life could throw at you. Have a look on their website, because September is an excellent time of year for stationary shopping! www.paperchase.co.uk

 10. Do some research into fresh organisation techniques 

If this list hasn’t got everything you need to get organised, do some online research. There are lots of lists you can find with new, fresh ideas on how to get organised. Please leave a comment below if you find any tips you think could be useful to the rest of us!

Thanks for reading.

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