• Instagram Marketing Tools

    Top 5 Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools

    Throughout 2016 Instagram has become the front runner when it comes to social platforms for lifestyle brands. In 2017, Instagram is set to grow by 15.1%, compared to just 3.1% growth for the social network sector as a whole. The photo-sharing platform is becoming an increasingly effective marketing tool for…

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  • Christmas Content Marketing Tips

    Christmas Content Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

    It’s pretty hard to believe it’s November already, and if the rest of the year is anything to go by, Christmas will have been and gone before before we’ve had time to breathe. Now is the perfect time to start implementing your Christmas Content Marketing strategy, to boost brand awareness…

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  • Instagram to Promote your Business

    5 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

      Guest Post by Sarah, Founder of Creative and Coffee Instagram can be a platform that is somewhat ignored by businesses in the wake of the ‘bigger’ platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, with over 300 million users that interact with the platform every day, Instagram is definitely something that…

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  • blogging tools

    Top 5 Blogging Tools to Create Killer Content

    For anyone that currently blogs, whether that’s for your brand or your personal blog, you’ll know just how helpful tools can be. Blogging is no longer just about writing an engaging and exciting piece of content, it’s also about creating beautiful and eye catching imagery, encouraging lots of lovely social…

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  • Beautiful Images for Social Media

    7 Tips to Create Beautiful Images for Social Media

    Images are so so important when it comes to social media marketing. I can’t stress enough the difference that carefully thought out, professionally produced and on-brand images make. When it comes to promoting a piece of content, your social images could be the difference between a page or a post…

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  • How to Push Your Brand on Social

    Social media use from businesses has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. According to an article on SocialMediaToday.com, “81% of small and medium sized businesses are now using social media, with 94% of of them using it for marketing and outreach purposes”. With these figures in mind, it’s no surprise how…

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  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Blog

     1. Do an interview with another blogger, or a person of interest to you.  This can be an amazing way of adding valuable content to your blog, but also helps if you’re having a bit of a creative block. By drafting out some interesting, personal, open ended questions, you can…

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  • How to Choose a WordPress Theme

    Choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog or website is so important in portraying the correct brand message to your audience. It can feel very overwhelming, as there are so many different WordPress sites out there to browse online, all with their own colour schemes and layouts. Here are…

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  • How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

    Learning to promote your blog on Instagram is vital in ensuring your blog gets seen by the right audience. Instagram is an intensely powerful tool when used properly. According to www.adweek.com, in 2015, Instagram had already a staggering 400 million users. With this many people using the app, it’s certain that you’ll…

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  • Who to follow: Instagram

    If you’re getting a bit stuck for inspiration on who to follow this month, then this list should help you out. Please let us know if you have any of your own suggestions in the comments below! @nisrinasbia For absolutely beautiful photos and make up and selfie inspiration, follow @nisrinasbia.…

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  • Top 10 Blogging Tips to Grow Readership

    Those of you who keep up to date with us will have probably realised, we love blogging. On a typical week, we will publish a minimum of five posts, which obviously takes a fair bit of commitment and time, not to mention creativity. I’ve always been massively pro creating lots…

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  • Search Engine Optimisation in 2016

    Keeping up with…SEO- Search Engine Optimisation in 2016

    SEO isn’t a term I particularly like to use, as I feel it evokes memories of intense keyword stuffing, and posting, let’s face it, very poorly written articles left right and centre, on whatever awful site would host it. However SEO is very important, and today it’s a very different…

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