• Digital Marketing Jobs

    We are Recruiting- Digital Marketing Executive

    For those of you who need a little background info, Eilidh MacRae Media are a lifestyle content marketing agency based in central Bristol. We specialise within lifestyle industries and our clients include fashion, beauty, health and fitness brands. We use innovative and expertly crafted content marketing methods, to grow lifestyle…

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  • 10 Career Boosting Tips

    Are you stuck in a bit of a work-rut this summer? Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a bit of a pattern, where you lose your momentum and forget why you’re working so hard. (Especially made worse by the nice weather and envy of those getting to chill in pub…

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  • Interview: Penny Lane, Editor & Founder of TheStyleLane.com

    Penny Lane, Editor and Founder of TheStyleLane.com, was born in Middlesex but grew up in Hampshire. She has been running The Style Lane for four years now. With over 3.5k followers on Instagram and 16.7k followers on Twitter, I was interested to find out about a day in the life of an…

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  • Desk productivity

    10 Tips for a Productive Desk Space

    If you work in an office, the chances are you will spend at least five hours a day on average sat at your desk. Working hard no doubt, but still sitting down in the same area. If up to a quarter of your day is spent in one place, it’s…

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