• social media marketing in 2016

    Top Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2016

    Earlier this year, I got on my high horse about how important blogging is, and I still stand by the fact that blogging is possibly the best marketing tool you have to help grow your brand, but that doesn’t mean social media isn’t as this time, equally important. My point…

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  • The Body Coach

    Brand Love: The Body Coach

    It was inevitable that at some stage The Body Coach was going to come up as my brand love. What Joe Wicks has achieved in what is actually a very short space of time is incredible, and it’s certainly necessary to take a moment to applaud that. Starting out as…

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  • Protein Pancakes

    Review: Protein Pancakes for Pancake Day

    Hurrah! Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, meaning one thing: pancakes. Pancakes are ridiculously good, but also a little bit naughty. I think what I often forget is that pancakes are just batter, the exact same recipe as toad in the hole, minus the sausages, and we all know to avoid making…

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  • Liz Earle

    Brand Love: Liz Earle

    I’m really pioneering the British brands as of late, I know, but Liz Earle is a British beauty staple that I find difficult to pass by, making it my brand love for this week. Creating gorgeous beauty products, Liz Earle really focus on the natural element to their products in…

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  • Lifestyle blogging

    Fail to Blog, Prepare to Fail

    Feature image credit: http://merrymusing.co.uk/10-things-ive-learnt-since-becoming-a-beauty-blogger/ Blogging is the key to the growth of your business. While other components of course play an important factor, blogging is without doubt the best way to increase brand awareness. A book I recently read titled ‘Get Shit Done’, has got me thinking more and more about…

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  • Blog Love: Breakfast at Vogue

    As I’m sure you’ll already be well aware, I’m a big lover of blogs, and of course fashion blogs, beauty, health and fitness in particular. They help me keep up to date with the industry, and alongside this help me better understand what the consumer of the time really wants.…

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  • Kiko Campus Idol Collection

    Just Landed: The Kiko Campus Idol Collection

    Brand new from Kiko Milano is the Campus Idol Collection. The Italian cosmetics brand never fails to deliver, with their beautifully presented products at an affordable price. The latest from Kiko is certainly not a disappointment, and the Campus Idol Collection is set to be a big hit. The Brand……

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  • Instagram Marketing

    Using Instagram Marketing to Build your Brand

    Whether you’re in fashion, beauty, health, fitness or any other lifestyle industry, the market for these kinds of brands on Instagram is huge. There is a huge following of users interested in these subjects, and it’s something your brand probably can’t afford not to tap into. With millions of images…

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  • Bikram Yoga

    Review: Bikram Yoga

    Contemplating taking part in your first Bikram Yoga class can be a scary prospect. Well known because of the tradition to carry it out in 40 degrees heat, the idea of Bikram yoga is most likely to put a lot of people off before they’ve even given it a go.…

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  • Skinnydip

    Brand Love: Skinnydip London

    We love a good old British brand, and nobody does kitsch quite like Skinnydip. Creating bright and bold accessories, Skinnydip are most well known for their playful iPhone cases, and are most certainly not for the wall flower. The Brand… Seemingly suddenly appearing on our fashion radar, Skinnydip is now…

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  • Brand Naming

    Brand Naming: The 411

    Whether you’re naming your brand new fashion brand, your latest beauty product, or you’re looking to reinvent your company, there are some simple rules to follow to ensure you hit the nail on the head. A brand name may not be quite as important as you think, its the reputation…

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  • Brand Love: LVNDR

    Selling gorgeously quirky and surprisingly affordable jewellery, LVNDR first caught our eye on Instagram. Posting beautifully composed photos featuring their unique pieces, alongside the odd motivational quote and general fashion inspo, LVNDR have built a fantastic brand, it’s safe to say they are certainly doing something right! We love their…

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