• Blog Love: Sopherina

    This week, for our Blog Love feature we spoke with Sophie, UK blogger behind the wonderful style blog www.sopherina.co.uk. She has recently turned 24 years old and is midway through her CIMA accountancy qualification, although she explains “I have changed my mind on the career path I would like to ensue…

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  • How to Choose a WordPress Theme

    Choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog or website is so important in portraying the correct brand message to your audience. It can feel very overwhelming, as there are so many different WordPress sites out there to browse online, all with their own colour schemes and layouts. Here are…

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  • How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

    Learning to promote your blog on Instagram is vital in ensuring your blog gets seen by the right audience. Instagram is an intensely powerful tool when used properly. According to www.adweek.com, in 2015, Instagram had already a staggering 400 million users. With this many people using the app, it’s certain that you’ll…

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  • (Fashion From a Field) Interior Trends

    Our guest post this week is from Jenny, blogger behind Fashion From a Field – www.fashionfromafield.com I have to admit that I am a newbie to the world of interior decor. Of course I’m no expert but I like pretty things and creating an eye catching space. If you have a…

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  • Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

    Trying to choose the perfect gift for your best friend can be a mammoth task. She/he has been there for you in your hardest times, wiped away your tears, made you laugh when you’d rather scream, and generally been an impeccable other half. So why is it so difficult to…

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  • Upcoming UK Charity Events

    Summer is finally here and it’s a great time of year to get involved in some of the 2016 charity events happening all across the UK. If you’re yet to organise anything, use this blog post to give you some inspiration, you can even get your whole family or friendship…

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  • Blog Love: Katy Belle

    For our Blog Love feature this week, I spoke with lovely Katy Belle, 22 year old digital marketing executive and writer from Northern Ireland. She is currently living in Belfast with her boyfriend, (and occasional outfit photographer) Adam. Her blog covers a variety of topics, including her own personal style,…

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  • Top 5 Homeware Boutiques

    In my job as Digital Marketing Intern at Eilidh MacRae Media, I’m always on the look out for new businesses and brands working in any of our specialisms. (These include health, fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.) This is so I can share content that will interest our followers and also…

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  • Graduation Day Outfit Inspiration

    For many final year university students, the big day is fast approaching: graduation! If you’re anything like me, this day will have always been vaguely in the back of your mind, but with no real plan or attention given to it. My graduation is in just a few weeks, so…

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  • Who to Follow on Snapchat

    It’s no secret that Snapchat appears to have taken over the social media world. It’s now easier than ever to delve into celebrities’ lives to find out what a day in the life of the rich and famous is actually like, and of course being able to have a nose…

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  • Interview: Penny Lane, Editor & Founder of TheStyleLane.com

    Penny Lane, Editor and Founder of TheStyleLane.com, was born in Middlesex but grew up in Hampshire. She has been running The Style Lane for four years now. With over 3.5k followers on Instagram and 16.7k followers on Twitter, I was interested to find out about a day in the life of an…

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  • Best Summer Swimwear for 2016

    If you’re yet to treat yourself to a new bikini or swimsuit this summer, now is the time to go for it! There are some amazing options whatever your budget and body shape. I’ve compiled this list of swimwear pieces that I think are worth the investment. Please leave a…

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