• Instagram Marketing Tools

    Top 5 Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools

    Throughout 2016 Instagram has become the front runner when it comes to social platforms for lifestyle brands. In 2017, Instagram is set to grow by 15.1%, compared to just 3.1% growth for the social network sector as a whole. The photo-sharing platform is becoming an increasingly effective marketing tool for…

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  • Christmas Content Marketing Tips

    Christmas Content Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

    It’s pretty hard to believe it’s November already, and if the rest of the year is anything to go by, Christmas will have been and gone before before we’ve had time to breathe. Now is the perfect time to start implementing your Christmas Content Marketing strategy, to boost brand awareness…

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  • Building Your Business by Attending Events

    7 Tips for Building Your Business by Attending Events

    Guest Post: Ida Linden from Lovelyloot If you’re running an online business or dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, you probably spend all day on your laptop and mobile phone, communicating with clients, creating content, and constantly on email and social media. Sound familiar? While all those things are incredibly important, connecting…

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  • Get your Small Biz Team Organised

    3 Tools to Get Your Small Biz Team Organised

    Going from one team member to multiple members for any business can be a tricky time. I know first hand, having started out as a one man band, to slowly expanding my team to multiple players. For large businesses, these time management and organisation processes are already set in place,…

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  • Instagram to Promote your Business

    5 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

      Guest Post by Sarah, Founder of Creative and Coffee Instagram can be a platform that is somewhat ignored by businesses in the wake of the ‘bigger’ platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, with over 300 million users that interact with the platform every day, Instagram is definitely something that…

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  • blogging tools

    Top 5 Blogging Tools to Create Killer Content

    For anyone that currently blogs, whether that’s for your brand or your personal blog, you’ll know just how helpful tools can be. Blogging is no longer just about writing an engaging and exciting piece of content, it’s also about creating beautiful and eye catching imagery, encouraging lots of lovely social…

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  • Beautiful Images for Social Media

    7 Tips to Create Beautiful Images for Social Media

    Images are so so important when it comes to social media marketing. I can’t stress enough the difference that carefully thought out, professionally produced and on-brand images make. When it comes to promoting a piece of content, your social images could be the difference between a page or a post…

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  • Digital Marketing Jobs

    We are Recruiting- Digital Marketing Executive

    For those of you who need a little background info, Eilidh MacRae Media are a lifestyle content marketing agency based in central Bristol. We specialise within lifestyle industries and our clients include fashion, beauty, health and fitness brands. We use innovative and expertly crafted content marketing methods, to grow lifestyle…

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  • 10 Tips for Getting Organised!

    September can be a daunting time for those less organised individuals. The kids go back to school, students go back for the next year of college or university, and work seems like much more of a serious commitment without the constant holiday breaks and weekends away that seem to crop…

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  • How to Prepare Your Autumn Wardrobe

    September has flown around, yet again! Can you believe how quickly summer passes every year? Just when you start to get used to planning festivals at the weekends with your friends, making spontaneous camping trips to unknown locations or going out in short dresses and heels with no worries about…

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  • Inspiration for Winter Weekends Away

      It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of August. Where has time gone this summer?! With the summer break sadly nearing its end, it can be a miserable thought that your next planned holiday might not be until Christmas. Or even next summer for lots of people! However,…

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  • How to Push Your Brand on Social

    Social media use from businesses has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. According to an article on SocialMediaToday.com, “81% of small and medium sized businesses are now using social media, with 94% of of them using it for marketing and outreach purposes”. With these figures in mind, it’s no surprise how…

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